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Version 09.03.2019

Ekran (fr. écran)  —  screen

A cathode ray tube’s surface of TV or monitor, purposed to display images of 8-bit Atari computer games.

Ekranownia (fr. la écranovnie)

Website created in the first decade of the 21st century contains screenshots of the games of the famous 8-bit Atari XL/XE home computer. Despite of numerous calls and motions received by Supreme Leader of Ekranownia, and many administrative penalties imposed the page is updated rather irregularly.

Famous quotes about Ekranownia:

"Those damn games have completely destroyed my TV! My boyfriend said, it blew up some transistor or something."

(Ms. Jessica Hategames, single mother, USA)

* * *

"If I could see some web site, you bet it would be Ekranownia."

(Mr. Stevie Wonder, musician, USA)

* * *

"Waka waka waka waka."

(Mr. Pac-Man, dot-eater, Japan)

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